Adrienne Saunders

Are you a female leader in a male-dominated business environment and you would like to enhance your communication skills so that you can make yourself heard and be known for the ideas you propose?

Would you be interested in learning and practicing methods which will allow you or your team to communicate in a way that is both crystal-clear and inspiring?

Would you like to discover ways of boosting your client referral rates and grow your business by teaching your teams how to create long-lasting and resilient client relationships fast based on powerful and inspiring communications?

Have you recently been appointed and you’re not looking forward to giving big presentations as part of your job?

My workshops will address your skills development needs in a fast, personalised and effective way. No organisation or person is the same and neither should their training be.

If you’re looking for a group / workshop setting I will design a custom made programme to boost your team’s business confindence.

If you’re more into one-to-one sessions I’ll design a personalised programme for you based on the skills you’d like to strengthen and practice. These one-to-one business sessions are very effective because of their personal nature and the fast impact they have on your day to day work.

My background is in team gymnastics, achieving World and European Championship medals. Reaching that level requires resilient teamwork and crystal clear communication, as well as a constant evaluation of your performance and how to improve upon it.

These sporting skills have led me to success in my business career which I now get to share with professionals helping them reach their full potential..