Damien Lee

Entrepreneur and founder of Mr Lee’s Pure Foods Co. a food-tech company and award winning fresh new brand of instant cup noodles. Mr Lee’s noodles are “No” nasties, natural and gluten-free. Also one of the lowest in sugar, salt, calories and saturated fats with vegan options.

“Born out of my experience and battle with cancer were I changed my life and eating habits, knowing you are what you eat”

Damien has served as “Commissioner”​ with CISRI, a Inter-Governmental Organisation (IGO) and Permanent observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). In addition, Damien has also been part of the executive management of another Inter-Governmental body, the IEMO (International Emergency Management Organization). The Organization has the mandate to work for natural and man-made emergency prevention, preparedness, mitigation and recovery

Damien has been on the International Advisory Body of “World of Hope International”

World of Hope International is dedicated to promoting, supporting and encouraging human rights, tolerance, non-violence, education and health awareness for young people throughout the world. www.worldofhopeinternational.org

UK Commissioner for the development of Spirulina Micro Algae Company

NameCISRI-ISP "Collaborative Inter-Governmental Scientific Research Institute" a United Nations IGO CauseDisaster and Humanitarian Relief CISRI commitment is to provide continuous support and aid to the various components of the international cooperation scenario, for the attainment of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as well as of the relevant United Nations General Assembly’ s Resolutions on international cooperation, social development as well as food and water improvement. CISRI advocates inter alia in favour of the international campaign to sustain the “Right to Food”, (UN General Assembly’s Resolution N° A/C.3/L.53) and therefore its principal subsidiary Program (CISRI-ISP) has been granted Observer status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), by decision N°E/2003/212 of 5 March 2003, supported by several Projects of Resolution in the United Nations General Assembly CISRI-ISP is represented at the United Nations annual substantial sessions of Economic and Social Council in New York and Geneva, as well as in UNIDO in Vienna and WFP in Rome and has the honour to be duly inserted into the list of Intergovernmental Organization officially recorded into in the United Nations central Registry. www.cisri.org/default_isp.htm