Danny McMillan

In partnership with Richard Morgan, Seller Sessions started out as a bi-weekly webinar which has now developed into a weekly show on YouTube with tens of thousands of views. Seller Sessions covers advanced marketing and optimisation for Amazon sellers selling between 10k to 500k a month. The show focuses on marketing on and off Amazon and is known for breaking ground in new marketing techniques, algorithm updates and breaking new speaking talent to share fresh ideas.

At DATAbrill we manage unlimited SKUs and keyword data using our advanced algorithms, machine learning and smart technology for Amazon Sellers. We reduce costs on large accounts to drive a higher profit margin and have the ability to bring new brands onto the Amazon marketplace, no matter how big the product catalogue.

We do not take a percentage of revenue, ad spend nor profit. We offer a simple affordable flat rate so the client knows where they are, as their business grows. All client accounts are managed in-house by our team of data scientists and technical marketers.